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Spigot inflating rubber tire for Cement Lining M/C
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Product Description:

Item:Socket and spigot inflating rubber tire for Cement Lining M/C
 Size: DN80~1200
Application: Used for the DI pipe internal cement lining process. To keep cement mortar from overflowing the internal surface of cast iron pipe. With this product, it can get perfect effect. The cement lining edge will be smooth, uniform, and forming a rounding chamfer directly without secondary repair.
 1.  The filling pressure should be 0.2~0.35 MPa. Over pressure will reduce its service life.
 2.   The cement mortar left on the tire should be cleaned off after use, or it will affect its working effect next time.
 3.   During use, it should be away from oil, chemicals and sharp objects. The inflating air spigot is another weakness. Use with care without any rough operation.

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