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Yongnian Keguan Import and export trade Co., Ltd located in Handan-a famous historical and cultural city, is a professional production material, equipment, and spare part supplier for DI pipe factory, which is founded in 1990. It's a professional refractory material manufacturer for DI pipe factory.

We are one of the best and professional casting material manufacturers in China. And specialized in the following materials, such as refractory paint, graphite powder, graphite slag-baffle board / graphite slag stopper, graphite electrode, furnace refractory material, mould powder, slag conglomeration agent, desulfurizer, carburizer, sand core paint, and water-based paint for running trough, etc. We have a scientific and complete quality control system. After years of development, the company has become the biggest manufacturer of fall chute carbon brick and refractory paint in China, and takes 85% of the market share. We can produce more than 2000 sets of fall chute carbon bricks and more than 300 tons of refractory paint respectively each month. And we also supply spare parts for DI pipe production equipment, such as pipe mould, ladle, fall chute, trough, bearing, slewing bearing, valves, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinder,motor, reducer, blower, mortar pump, welding material, rubber seal, etc.

We have a good relationship with many DI pipe factories, such as Xinxing Pipes Group, Shandong DI Pipes Co.,ltd, Gaoping Xuanshi Di Pipes Co.,ltd. And we also have a close replationshop with the DI pipes equipment suppliers, such as Dalian Wantogn Industrial Equipment Co.,ltd, Shanyang Yate Industrial Machinery Making Equipment Co.,ltd, Hangzhou Chunfeng Industry Co.,ltd.

We are emphasizing in technical research and innovation. We have cooperated with China Foundry Association and Handan Mineral Institute for many years. After years of research, our KGT-1 type of Alcohol-base core making paint has been proved the best alcohol base paint in China, which is better than the imported product. And our new product KGC-2 type of high strength fall chute carbon brick in under researching, which will has a better performance than the present product in each DI pipe factory not only in strength but also in service life. Scientific & complete quality control system, advanced management, and the best technician ensure the good quality of our product.  Our products have been sold to many DI pipe factories all over China and far to the world with customer satisfaction.